Kaliningrad - One Common Space for the EU and Russia

Asger Hallberg Borg

Student thesis: Termpaper


The thesis explores the possibilities and barriers of making the Russian Baltic exclave, Kaliningrad, a “pilot region” for cooperation between the EU and Russia. By analysing Kaliningrad’s political-geographic status as both Russian exclave and EU enclave, it is argued that Kaliningrad is influenced by the territoriality of the EU as well as the territoriality of Russia, and that development in Kaliningrad is depending on alignment of the EU and Russia’s territorial strategies in general and towards Kaliningrad in particular. The analytical focus is then turned towards the EU and Russia’s overall cooperative framework – the so-called “four Common Spaces” – which lay down the guidelines for the EU and Russia’s long-term territorial rapprochement strategy in order to respond effectively to common territorial and non-territorial challenges. By analysing existing programs and initiatives in Kaliningrad and their connection to Kaliningrad’s territorial status in the EU-Russian relationship, it is argued that the development in Kaliningrad would benefit from being tied up to the framework of the “four Common Spaces”. This implies to agree on a new policy designed to invest in Kaliningrad’s “attachment” to the EU instead of compensating for Kaliningrad’s “detachment” from the Russian mainland. The thesis thus concludes that Kaliningrad can become a “pilot region” for cooperation between the EU and Russia within the framework of the “four Common Spaces”, and it is suggested: 1) that Kaliningrad becomes Russia’s “pilot region” so that Russian sovereignty is preserved; 2) that Kaliningrad is given preferential treatment, which take into account the region’s particular political and geographical situation and challenges; and 3) that the EU and Russia jointly agrees on an agenda, which defines the guidelines for the development in Kaliningrad. That way Kaliningrad can become a common space for the EU and Russia and lead the way for the overall cooperative framework between the EU and Russia.

EducationsGeography, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date1 Jan 2006


  • Territoriality
  • The four Common Spaces
  • Kaliningrad
  • Political Geography