Kødbyens icecream

Louise Lund Christiansen, Nicole Bordier Dam, Michelle Holk Svendsen & Peter Laurs Jeberg

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


The market is under constant change where new market trends continue to rise. This means that to remain competitive on the market and build a strong brand the businesses should brand themselves on their company as a whole, instead of their product (Guldbrandsen & Just, 2016:256-258). This is a contrast to Kødbyens Is, who mainly brands themselves on their product. We want to investigate what challenges a company experience when branding through their product, instead of the company, as a whole. We have chosen to use the case about Kødbyens Is who states that they have experienced challenges in spreading awareness of their brand. This project is theoretically based and therefore takes place in a number of theoretical fields; branding, identity, storytelling and experience theory.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date11 Jun 2019
Number of pages46
SupervisorsSøren Stig Lommer