Julemærkehjemmet som sundhedsfremmende aktør

Nanna Søndergaard Skov, Anita Selmer Bennetzen & Signe Juul Hansen

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


The purpose of this paper is to examine issues regarding the healthcare homes, also known as Julemærkehjem, as a health-promoting actor, from a philosophical hermeneutic perspective. The empiricism of the project is based on interviews with two former participating children from the home, parents of a former participating child and a staff member. The purpose of these are to give a nuanced perspective of the children's experience of being ‘treated’ away from the usual social context in which the problem arose. The theoretical concepts are about the self-development of George Herbert Mead and stigmatization of Erving Goffman, are used in an analytical and discussing review to elucidate the children's experience and the healthcare homes' health promotion position. Throughout the work process, it has been possible, through interpretation, to conclude that the experience of being taken out of the usual social context has been successful, but that the return has given some complications. Furthermore, an interpretation of the children's perception of health is elaborated, where an ambiguous perception of expectation and reality has arisen.

EducationsHealth Promotion and Health Strategies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date18 Dec 2017
Number of pages58
SupervisorsAne Moltke