Jeg har overskæg og står i en skov - en queerlæsning af udvalgte digte af Mette Mostrup

Lone Aburas & Mette Petrea Kissow

Student thesis: Termpaper


The thesis integrates the subjects of Sociology and Danish literature. Starting from a selection of poems from Mette Moestrup's pieces, Golden Delicious and kingsize, we will examine how the perceptions of gender construction of late modernity are negotiated in a selection of eight poems: Superkræfter og lærkesang, Øh tegneserietårer, En sådan lomme, Sommerferien 1985, Rose, Ydun, På Halmtorvet and Drama Queen I and II. We apply the theory of the transformation of intematcy in late modernity by the English sociologist Anthony Giddens in order to capture the societal and historical changes that have taken place through the last hundred year. These changes have made it possible for individuals to understand gender constructions from something besides a heteronormative framework of comprehensibility. To uncover these negotiations of gender constructions in the poems, we apply the theory of performativity of gender by the American philosopher Judith Butler. With the help of Butler's subversive strategy, and other critical analytical tools, we undertake a queer-reading of the selected poems, thus enngaging the aspects of the eight poems that experiment with gender constructions. In the analysises we found that fluid gender is a reoccuring feature in the poems Superkræfter og lærkesang, Øh tegneserietårer, En sådan lomme, Sommerferien 1985, Rose, Ydun and På Halmtorvet, thus leveling the playing field for the queer and non-queer. The poems Sommeren 1995, På Halmtorvet, Drama Queen I and II and Rose enter into a dialogue with literary history. Both are concerned with the woman's traditional role as a object of desire in literature, and the role as a female poet – adopting an “I” which is traditionally masculine. This aspect does not contain an actual queer understanding of gender, but rather a subversion of the naturalisation of the dominance of the masculine over the feminine. In this subversion lies a liberating potential, since the gender is exposed as socially constructed and thus unstable.

EducationsDanish, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date1 Oct 2008
Supervisorserik svendsen & Hanne Marlene Dahl


  • queerlæsning