Is 'This' Roskilde University? A Reception Analysis of Roskilde University’s promotion video “This is Roskilde University”

Stella Chazelles, Kevin Hayder Shakir, John Carr Harvey, Cristina Vila Salvans & Lea Milena Ernst

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This paper is a reception analysis in connection to Roskilde University’s promotion video “This is Roskilde University”. The video, produced by Mediaspektrum, and published in 2014, portrays the university’s international students who speak of the university’s social and academic environment. The primary intention of the paper is to understand how international students perceive social and at the university perceive the social and academic life at RUC, and connect this to the promotional video. “This is Roskilde University” is deconstructed primarily using the concept of semiotics, understanding the narratives produced by signs, words, camera angles etc. The indications regarding students perspectives at student life is done by qualitative in depth interviews with five second semester students. The discourses presented by the students are decoded, and indicate that the students can identify with some of the social and academic narratives in the film. At the same time, the students tell that they experience social gaps between “international” students and “Danes”, which is in conflict with the portrayal. They would wish to see a promotional film with more focus on the academic approach of the university, such as the personal contact with the teachers, something they have not experienced in their home countries. It is discussed how the subjectivity of the film producers as being “Danish” is a factor, when missing to portray aspects that the interview subjects would like to see.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Basic
Publication date2018
Number of pages32
SupervisorsHenrik Juhl Kristensen