Iran og The Green Movement - Revolutionen der udeblev: Iran and The Green Movement - The Failed Revolution

Søren Duvander, Christian Høj Hansen, Roar Rehardt Hemmingsen & Alexander Leicht Rygaard

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project examines the two similar but yet very different events of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and the Green Movement’s wave of protests in 2009. Furthermore, the term Revolution is explained by sociologist Jaroslav Krejčí who defines a revolution as a sweeping dramatic change. By the use of historian Michael Axworthy and others a picture of the Iranian history is provided to explain the eternal battle for power. Throughout a two-part analysis of preselected scientific studies and their causal explanations of the ’79-revolution and the ’09-almost-revolution, it is clarified how the Islamic Republic in many ways have continued the work of the regime, they overthrew. This analysis addresses the categories state, society and religion, and their subcategories centralization of power, the bazar and modernization and the Shi’ite influence of the Iranian people. Thus, the analysis focuses on how these elements were at stake in both events. The analysis will then be summed up by using Krejčí’s term of revolution, in order to understand the differences between the two events. Afterwards a discussion is raised on the shortcomings of comparing a revolution and an almost-revolution, and on why The Green Movement’s wave of protests did not result in an actual revolution. Furthermore, it will be discussed whether Iran can be defined as a nation. Finally, it is concluded that The Green Movement did not become an actual revolution due to the lack of several factors, including a charismatic leader, a strong interpretation of the Shi’ite religion and the backing of the traditional bazar.

EducationsHistory, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date27 May 2015
SupervisorsHans-Åke Persson


  • 2009
  • Shiisme
  • Krejci
  • The Green Movement
  • Mehdi Mozaffari
  • Ervand Abrahamian
  • The Iranian Revolution
  • Den Iranske Revolution
  • 1979
  • Revolution