Involvering - Kommunikation og kompleksitet i praksis

Helle Herlev Roesbjerg, Lis Hartmann Schmidt, Marie-Louise Rønning, Sus Thorsen & Tina Tving Stauning

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis presents a study of how midwives understand and experience the term patient involvement and how they conduct patient involvement in a collaboration with expecting mothers and their partners at a midwife center somewhere in Denmark. The motivation for us to concern ourselves with involvement emanates from the fact that communication is an essential parameter in order to conduct patient involvement. The requirement for and desire to conduct patient involvement is prevalent within the entire public sector, and thus within the healthcare department too, which is our point of reference. In spite of the fact, that the government, the regions, the healthcare department and health professionals are working purposively with patient involvement, surveys have shown that, according to Danish patient associations, patient involvement is lacking within the entire healthcare system.. The empirical material of this thesis is produced through focus group interviews among/with midwives, observations of midwife consultations and interviews with expecting mothers, and this material constitutes the basis for the analysis of this thesis. We have conducted condensation of meaning of our entire empirical material and subsequently divided it into superior (overriding) topics. In this process we have identified topics which are recurrent through all three parts of our empirical material. The superior topics are: professionalism and knowledge, the framework within the consultations and the relation between the midwife and the expecting mother. Subsequently we have processed the focus group interview and interviews with expecting mothers according to the superior topics. With Erving Goffmans theory on dramaturgical approach, presentation of self and facade, we will conduct an analysis of the interaction between midwife and expecting mother during a consultation with reference to patient involvement. To analyze the general societal discourses which appear in the collected empirical material, we use Mikhail Bakhtin’s theory on centrifugal and centripetal forces within an utterance as well as his term Speech Genre. Conclusively we see that patient involvement is a dynamic term, which is affected by many different factors. Patient involvement particularly requires dialogue in the communication between midwife and expecting mother. It is imperative that the health professionals are aware of their way of communicating and are capable of conducting meta-communication as an implicit part of the consultation. Our focus in the thesis is primarily on a selected number of superior topics, which we consider central to the term patient involvement is the given context. Generally we conclude that professional knowledge, the relation between midwife and expecting mother and the framework of the consultation are important parameters for both parties. Parameters, which are essential, when conducting patient involvement. Patient involvement is a term and practice which is dependent on the wish of both the health professional and the expecting mother to engage in a mutual relation in order to be capable of respectively involve and allowing oneself to be involved.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date7 May 2015
SupervisorsBirgitte Ravn Olesen


  • Involvering
  • Patient involvement
  • Kommunikation