Intern Kultur i RU Radio

Stine Lykke Wagner, Andreas Hyun Kirkegaard, René Teilmann, Ditte Cecilie Melchior Vinther, Chrintz Christoffer & Tobias Hans Peter Mollerup

Student thesis: Termpaper


In this project we try to ascertain, with our understanding of culture, what impact the internal culture in RU Radio has had on the production of radio programs. To accomplish this we utilize the sociocultural theories of Iben Jensen, Stuart Hall and Robert T. Craig, as well as the three dimensional model used in Fairclough’s critical discourse analysis. We have adapted social constructivism as our philosophy of science throughout the project. By doing so we are able to achieve an approximate truth based on the empirical data collected in the interviews, of RU Radio’s chairman of the board and four regular radio members. By interviewing both the board and the regular members, we see the culture within the organization from both the top and bottom and are thus able to get a better look at the RU Radio organization as a whole. We process the empirical data with the aid of Fairclough’s critical discourse analysis, with the purpose of identifying the different discourses present in the interviews. The result of which is then interpreted through the sociocultural theories to try and answer our statement of intent. In conclusion we were able to identify six different discourses which together gave rise to one of the possible reasons why RU Radio haven’t produced any radio programs yet. The absence of an internal culture and missing communication between the board and the regular members therefore restricts the opportunities of an negotiation to a shared understanding of culture and the operationalisation of this. Because of our theoretical and methodological choices, this conclusion only process the cultural aspects within RU Radio, and are therefore only a sociocultural element of a definitive solution.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date2 Jan 2013
SupervisorsMira C. Skadegård


  • Kultur
  • Iben
  • Jensen
  • Universitetsradio
  • Stuart
  • Hall
  • Kommunikation