Inside the visuals of games - A study of visual communication of narrative in games

Kristoffer Merrild Nielsen

Student thesis: Bachelor project


The study of digital games is a growing field and many aspects of how they work are being explored. This paper sets out to study the relation between the visual and the narrative found in games. For the purpose of this, the Danish-developed game INSIDE by Playdead studios is used as case study be analysed as a narrative. Firstly to understand how digital games work as narratives and what aspects are essential to visual communication, theories from Marie-Laure Ryan, Sherline Pimenta and Ravi Poovaiah, Espen Aarseth, and Geoff King and Tanya Krzywinska are described and used, as well as semiology based on Charles Sanders Peirce, Ivor Armstrong Richards… INSIDE is analysed to unveil the narrative in the visuals. The paper concludes that certain aspects that INSIDE makes use of can be used to tell a narrative without the use of linguistic signs.

EducationsBasic - International Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date27 May 2019
Number of pages22
SupervisorsRemzi Ates Gürsimsek