Innovationsspredning - Et casestudie af Cykling uden alder: Diffusion of Innovation - A casestudy of "Cykling uden alder"

Tobias Glozmann Bork Hansen, Theis Rud Lauesen & Jacob Kongsmar Jørgensen

Student thesis: Termpaper


In this study we analyses the driving forces and barriers that has affected the diffusion of “Cykling uden alder (CUA)”, which is considered as a successful innovation project. The research contains a variety of hypotheses on instances that have had a positive effect on the process of CUA. Thereafter, the hypotheses will be ranked, based on the degree of confirmation. By doing this, we are able to identify the factors that has an impact on diffusion of innovation in the public sector on a general level. From surveys and interviews with all municipalities that is a part of CUA, we hereby confirm our hypotheses of the attributes of the innovation, the role of the provider, individual adoptions and communication channels. The majority of the attributes of the innovation have a positive effect on the diffusion of the innovation, while some, fx observability, is less effective. If the provider of the innovation has a strategy for the diffusion, it will spread more effectively. If the individual adopter has a certain range of qualities it will have a positive effect on the diffusion, the same applies for the organization and its values. Interorganisational communication between municipals does not have a big impact on the diffusion, though the communication channels in general and firebrands like Ole Kassow, does.

EducationsPolitics and Administration, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date16 Jun 2015
SupervisorsJacob Torfing


  • municipals
  • Kommuner