Implementeringen af læreplaner i børnehaven

Nana Andrés Paludan Seedorff, Sofie Kirkegaard Nielsen & Viktoria Matilde Alsted Schütt

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


From a critical psychological standpoint this paper examines the implementation of curricula in a kindergarten. Using Vibeke Jartofts analytical terms meaning, condition and reasonings (betydning, betingelse and begrundelse) this paper analyzes four interviews with two different kindergarten teachers and focuses on how the objective condition (den objektive betingelse) - the curricula - affects the options of actions they experience in their different contexts of action. Both kindergarten teachers view the curricula as an opportunity and they implement it in such a way, that they act as co-creators of their own living conditions in the kindergarten. Though they express different meanings and reasonings, the curricula gives them both the opportunity to create a calm and safe environment for the children.
It is concluded that in the implementation of the curricula both kindergarten teachers are co- creators of their own life conditions because they manage to act according to the objective condition and use in a way that is appropriate in their practice. Furthermore it is concluded that they view time as a limitation and that this is a consequence of the demands of the objective condition. From this we have derived and thereby concluded that Jartofts analytical terms are not adequate in the analysis of our data.

EducationsPsychology, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date18 Dec 2017
Number of pages50
SupervisorsCharlotte Grum