The Implementation of Circular Economy in Danish Companies

Kristine Bernat Ottesen, Frida Langgaard Jensen, Johannes Grønvold Smidt-Nielsen & Jens Møs Rasmussen

Student thesis: Basic Project


This study tries to put light on some of the challenges that Danish companies are facing, in the implementation of what is known as circular economy. When this is done we seek to explain what societal structures are causing these. Lastly, we will discuss in what ways these challenges can be dealt with. This study has roots in numerous scientific fields, such as politology, planning, economy and sociology. The scientific philosophical approach in this study is inspired by critical realism and critical theory. The presented material is a wide collection of already existing quantitative data. It also includes qualitative data that we our self-have collected. In this study we conclude that the biggest challenges are the interchanging laws, lack of economic incentive to change, and the lack of general knowledge on the subject. With the help of socio-technical system theory, and different political, economic and sociology theories, we conclude that these challenges arise do to societal structures, that are controlled by egocentric rational behavior. These behavioral patterns are causing problems in the implementation of circular economy. Lastly, we conclude, on the behalf of the discussion, what solutions perhaps are possible, in order to hopefully get rid of some of the previously mentioned challenges.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date16 Dec 2017
Number of pages70