Identitetsdannelse i en globaliseret verden

Magdalene Andersen Elbek, Matilde Rosenkrands Mathiesen, Clara Bergmann Hannibal, Nurullah Karatas, Rebekka Knudsen, Mathilde Winther Krarup & Alma Rebekka Aisinger

Student thesis: Basic Project


This project examines ‘culture’ as a term in connection with the individual and globalization. This paper aims to investigate how individuals create an identity in a new context in relation to their previous.  The theory is based on Michel Foucault’s subject, Stuart Hall’s explanation of cultural identity, Edward Said’s the other and exoticism and Homi Bhabha’s theory on ambivalence and mimicry. Our motivation for this paper originates from an interest in understanding why individuals from different contexts conflict (clash) with each other. As a response to the thesis, a focus group interview with two Ghanaian immigrants was conducted where we engaged in a discussion concerning family, religion, gender and sexuality. Based on this an analysis was carried out where applying our gained theoretical knowledge to our focus group interview, presented how culture is an inconstant expression and that one assimilates to a new context by excluding values of one’s other context. We perceive the results to be material that can be used to reflect upon current concerns in a globalizing world.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date2017
Number of pages60
SupervisorsUlla Ambrosius Madsen