Identity and Recognition- Concerning Danes with another ethnic origin: Meads identity theory and Honneths recognitionstheory

Janne Maj Valentin Jacobsen

Student thesis: Bachelor project


This humanistic bachelor thesis concerns a qualitative interview study with the purpose of investigation the impact of lack of rcognition on the identity formation of Danes of a different ethnic origin.
The empirical data cosists of the inspiration of a narrative life story interview with a Danisk, Muslim woman of a different ethnic origin. The interview is analysed on the basis of Mead´s identity theory and Honneths recognition theory with the aim of identifying the impact of lack of recognition and violation for the woman´s identity formation and identity maintenance.

The scientific theoritical approach to the investigative process is crital theory. The thesis concludes that the woman´s lack of recognition during her childhood, both in her priavet and solidary sphere,leads to difficulties in developing a basic selfconfidence and leads to lack of selfesteem.
The interviewee ha made a serious effort to maintain and protect her Self and resist against the generalising attitudes in the society she belongs to. At the same time, she has felt the need to belong to the group and has hence tried to adjust in order to fit in. As an adult, she has seeked appreciation and recognition in other communities as a member of the academic social group, in the job market and in a broad, international, Muslim community.
The perspectival part of the thesis points to the risk of a pathologic social tendency where lack of recognition of Danes of a different ethnic origin inhibits the development of the integrated Self in the individual as well as it inhibits building up an integrated society.

EducationsPsychology, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date28 May 2018
Number of pages20
SupervisorsBjarne Jacobsen