In the shadow of my voice: An autoethnographic thesis on processes of subjectification for persons with a communication disorder, and the condititions for social inclusion through social media

Martin Merrild

Student thesis: Master thesis


The spread of the Internet has produced new conditions for human interaction, and the spread of social media in particular, has made rapid progress in recent years, with new potentials for communicating with people around the world.
For myself, I have participated in online communication since childhood, and have found significant possibilities of compensating for the communication disorder, that I was born with. In my view, online communication is not an assistive tool, with which I can strengthen the acquaintances and friendships from my offline life. It is rather a mainstream and socially acknowledged technology, which brings new possibilities for social inclusion for people with a communication disorder.
Today, the knowledge about the pedagogical work with people with a communication disorder is considerable. Personally, I have received speech therapy through my childhood and young teenage-years. On the other hand, the first-hand perspective is, naturally, limited in academic work on the field. In this thesis, I turn to investigate my formation as an individual, in order to understand my conditions for social inclusion, and through interviews with others in similar situations, I investigate the possibilities (and limitations) in expressing one’s own thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date21 Sep 2017
Number of pages104
SupervisorsChistina Hee Pedersen