How to improve the brand love by using the concept of involvement?

Jekaterina Flintsø

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project analyzes the concept of brands involvement level in the combination with a brand love and if there is a possibility for them to correlate. The aim is to find out if it is possible to improve brand love through analyzing the involvement level. In order to do so, there will be two strong brands analyzed: the Coca-Cola and Apple. Both companies created a strong brand, but they function in the different industries as well as satisfy different needs. The Coca-Cola is working on the functional level, where a consumer is more concerned about the basic satisfaction but the company managed to create emotional connections with its consumers. Apple has created emotional connection with it consumers and is something more for them than just a company. Analyzing these two companies, brand identity prism is used in order to see how they managed to become so strong and finding out weak points. Due to the time limits, there is no qualitative or quantitative research that is why three scenarios were created in order to see which involvement level different consumers have when purchasing or dealing with the Coca-Cola and Apple products. First scenario represents a person who had never tried these brands before, second scenario is about a person who is already the loyal one and the third scenario is about a skeptical individual who have tried or knows brands, agrees that they are doing good job, but is still skeptical due to the problems that are connected with the brands (between love and hate). The discussion part helped to analyze the whole situation, finding out that the concept of brand love is harder to improve on the functional level than the emotional. In order to improve brand love, companies need to create brand personality which helps to form stronger connections or relationship with the consumer. Finding personality traits in the brand makes it easier for the consumer begins to love the brand, associating it with himself or improver himself. In order to succeed on the functional level companies need to create awareness on the subconscious level in the consumers mind and then try to create personality for their brand which could be not relevant in some cases.

EducationsBusiness Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date13 Jun 2013


  • Coca-Cola
  • Apple
  • Brand Love
  • Emotions