Holding Point

Ann-Sofie Messmer Mathiasen & Terese Skovgaard Vick

Student thesis: Bachelor project


This project will examine and explore the difficulties and challenges exit members of radical churches face when leaving the community. The study will furthermore examine the phenomena, exit members experience after having left the church. Lastly the project examines the possible challenges that occur in connection with the subsequent rehabilitation of former members of a radical church. In the light of this, the thesis includes a discussion on the development of rehabilitation services to help former members reenter normal society. To develop the optimum rehabilitation services, it is necessary to look into, what the former members have been subjected to during their membership, and to investigate their now existing challenges and derived needs. To clarify this, the thesis will ultimately examine and analyze the underlying structures that allows such a phenomenon to appear and exist in today’s society. Based on our theoretical background and research findings the study will concludingly propose recommendations on an adequate rehabilitation service for exit members of radical churches.

EducationsHealth Promotion and Health Strategies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date25 May 2019
Number of pages66
SupervisorsRashmi Singla