Hjemløshed,Magt og Anerkendelse

Emil Taj Petersen, Kira Bak Lassen & Morten Hornhøj

Student thesis: Master thesis


Abstract This project will focus on different understandings and ways to manage homelessness. In connection to this we have researched the state-rationalities in regards to a critical, concrete case (Homeless-center) in order to reveal the homeless’/users areas to act. We have done this with Axel Honneth’s recognitions-theory and Michel Foucault’s perspective of power. We have in this research found, that the state-rationalities connects the lack of a home, with differentiation in the form of a lack of “discipline”, irresponsibility and passive behavior, which at the same time means, that possibilities for recognition is absent. Moreover we conclude that the Homeless-center partially represents the homeless in another way, in that equality and differences are seen as values. However, there do exist opposite relations in praxis, in that distinctions between the normal and the abnormal often are dominant factors in understanding and interaction with the users. We conclude, that there is a partial counter publicity, in that there exist another understanding in the relationship between the individual and the community.

Educations, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date6 Jun 2013
SupervisorsChristel Stormhøj


  • anerkendelse
  • Hjemløshed
  • modoffentlighed
  • Foucault