Helsemagasinet - a case study focusing on usability and aesthetics

Mariette Buchvald Hansen & Anne Klitkou

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This project examines how the visual design and usability of an online health and lifestyle magazine connected to the health foods webshop, Helsebixen, can be improved. In our initial research, consisting of usability testing of the site, and an analysis of the site, based on theories by Lisbeth Thorlacius (visual communication) and Jakob Nielsen (usability heuristics), we identified several issues with the site. The most prominent issue was that users, had a hard time differentiating the webshop from the magazine site, which led to confusion when navigating between the two sites. The aim of this project is therefore to make going back and forth between the webshop and the magazine more user friendly, and to improve the overall user experience on the magazine site. Furthermore, we wanted to make the site more attractive to a younger demographic, specifically women under the age of 30. This target audience was selected, because of research showing that Millennials are more and more interested in health. Furthermore, we felt, based on personal preference initially, that the design was outdated, and did not appeal to a younger demographic. Our process of redesigning the magazine site is documented in this project alongside reflections made about theoretical and methodological choices made. We used an iterative process, to gain new insights throughout the process. Each of the two iterations our schedule allowed consisted of analysis, design, prototyping, and testing The testing consisted of semi structured interviews with four test subjects, who were all women under 30, selected to fit our target audience. Through this process we improved some of the site’s issues by changing the site’s color and fonts, giving the site an independent name (Helsemagsinet), creating a more user friendly layout, menu and navigation options.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date30 May 2018
Number of pages60
SupervisorsFinn Gustafsson