Helhedsplan eller ingen plan - Et projekt om Utterslev Mose

Theis Rud Lauesen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project is based upon the entity plan for Utterslev Mose that this year is being finished by the local municipal council. The examination focuses on the format of the entity plan and how the format can affect the plans possibilities to influence municipality of Copenhagen’s final decision of a purification of the marsh. The theory of science in this project is based upon critical realism because the project seeks to uncover the underlying circumstances that applies on the entity plans possibilities to influence. This approach is also affecting the choice of theory. Integrated planning and structural relations are used to clarify the possible barriers that the entity plan can face in the political sphere. The project is split up in two parts of analysis, which both are summed up in a conclusion of each associated problem. The entire project is summed up in a conclusion based on the overall problem formulation. The first analysis is explaining the Danish plan system together with an analysis of urban planning and it’s concept of urban nature. The analysis then assume a state of discussion in which the local municipal council’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the entity plan is discussed. The second analysis is based upon the theory of the project – integrated planning and structural relations – to discuss whether the entity plan manages to express the many problems the plan unfolds. The entity plan itself will be analysis and furthermore how the plan possibly could have been formulated. Lastly it can be concluded that the entity plan should have had its main focus on the poor water quality. Such a focus would have given the entity plan a larger impact and more legitimacy towards the municipal of Copenhagen because of EU’s demands on better water qualities. The local municipal councils purpose of the entity plan should have been outlined better so it was clear how they expected to solve the problems in Utterslev Mose.

EducationsPlanning Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date8 Jan 2015
SupervisorsBo Elling


  • Politiske barrierer
  • Byplanlægning
  • Strukturelle fortællinger
  • Bynatur
  • Utterslev Mose
  • Integreret planlægning
  • Det danske plansystem