Har du testet din målgruppe i dag?

Nichlas Foley, Olivia Lynglund, Mona Omar, Mathias Eskelund & Simon Siegrist

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project examines the City of Copenhagen’s campaign ’’Tæl dine æg’’ and questions why it was subject to the amount of strong criticism that it received. To do this, it has been investigated how the primary and secondary target group perceived the campaign. On the basis of the results from the focus group interviews, the criticism was systematized and located due to a reception analysis. Additionally from a communication theoretical perspective, an assessment of the strategic communication development of the campaign was conducted to determine how and why the campaign was subject of such criticism. Lastly the project proposes an alternative that presupposes dialogue in campaign development, which could have been beneficial for the City of Copenhagen’s communication to succeed. The campaign had an adverse impact on the informants mainly due to the lack of relevance in their life. Moreover some informants were provoked, frustrated, discouraged and offended by the message. The conclusion shows that the criticism the City of Copenhagen received was largely because they failed to recognize the importance of their target groups’ view of the world. The project argues that if the City of Copenhagen had taken their target groups contextual circumstances into account, they could have minimized or even avoided the amount of negative critique, hence the informants negative stance towards the campaign. Some thought of the campaign as distasteful and inappropriate due to the use of humour in correlation with the sensitive matter. The project argues that in regards to the sensitive matter of the topic, the City of Copenhagen underestimated their role as public sender. Furthermore they underestimated the value of the reception. On the count of various different aspects the project concludes that the City of Copenhagen failed to produce the necessary groundwork to serve their purpose with the campaign.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date23 Jun 2016
SupervisorsPaul Metelmann


  • Kommunikationsteori
  • Dervin
  • Schrøder
  • Målgruppe
  • Receptionsanalyse
  • Sepstrup