Gymnasieelevers festrygning - et projekt med udgangspunkt i praksisteori og strategisk kommunikation

Marie Louise Svendsen, Lisa Mai Møller Jensen, Anne Katinka Sverker Brøndum, Marie-Louise Uldall Petersen & Laura Christiane Brandt Køppen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This study investigates the topic party smoking among Danish high school students. The project intends to discover, how the students do smoking, in order to suggest communication strategies that have the purpose of changing the students’ smoking practice. To gain empiricism, the project mainly uses qualitative individual interviews and supplements this with participant observation. The theoretical frame for this project is practice theory with origin in Theodore Schatkzi’s explanation and terms within the theory. Furthermore the book From intervention to social change by Margit Keller et. al. has been used to combine practice theory with strategic communication, in order to develop suggestions for changing the practice. In the analysis, it is revealed that the informants use smoking as a multitool, which allows them to obtain different ends in different contexts. The cigarette can be used as a way to take a break, to cope with feelings, to look occupied and especially as a tool to engage in social communities. The young party smokers justify their own smoking habits by comparing themselves to daily smokers and declare that they do not find health risks to be relevant for them, because they do not see themselves as being addicted to cigarettes. With these points in mind, strategic communication suggestions have been made based on being relevant for the party smokers by directing the suggestions specifically to this group of smokers. The suggestions involve, among others, to propose other ways for the target group to cope with their feelings, to change the physical structures for the party smoking practice, to motivate the target group to participate in other activities than smoking and to attempt to change the meanings of ‘cool’ and ‘addiction’. In light of this analysis a discussion about whether strategic communication is the right way to go takes place. Additionally, it is discussed if it is worth it to reach out to party smokers, since daily smokers presumably are a bigger burden to society. The project also questions the individual smoker’s free will and debates whether it is right for the government to control the people’s own decisions or not.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date18 May 2016
SupervisorsLisbeth Frølunde


  • Gymnasieelever
  • Schatzki
  • Strategisk Kommunikation
  • Praksisteori
  • Keller
  • Festrygning