Global Cities

Charlie Houkjær Klausen, Martina Amadei, Hau Ming Lam & Aikaterini Pikouli

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


The following literature review explores the notion of global cities.
The paper is divided in three main sections. The first one concern itself with the
theoretical literature on global cities, with a specific focus on the definitions and
conceptualizations of the term and its categorization through ranking, followed by an
exploration of how global cities have become an arena intersecting globalization,
identity politics, and culture. It appears that there are several approaches and
implications of the theories when discussing about global cities including the
challenge of global cities being an ill-defined concept. Following will be a section
devoted to the different research methods implemented by the scholars when doing
research on the topic. We here conclude that scholars favor a use of mixed methods
when studying global cities and favor studying economic aspects. The third section
will uncover some of the gaps on the present literature, including as well gaps
identified by relevant scholars. We will argue that that the literature concerning global
cities is substantial, but also heavily biased toward economic interests and toward a
predominant study of Western Cities. The field is ripe for new research and
conceptualisations and further discussion.

EducationsGlobal Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date2018
SupervisorsLaust Schouenborg