Georg Brandes' historiesyn - det store menneskes rolle i historien

Toke Meldgaard Christensen, Thomas Loddegaard-Knudsen & Frederik Ruth

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project takes its point of departure in George Brandes and his view of history, and how the role of the ‘great men’ fit with it. We have looked at earlier accounts of this view by established researchers, and found a missing emphasis on this particular aspect of Brandes view of history. Using the core sources, such as Brandes article in Tilskueren from 1890, and his later work on Cajus Julius Cæsar we have come to the conclusion, that Brandes view of History should be seen as a synthesis between the two different outlined views of Brandes view of history, that the great man is not only a resume of a period, nor is he a single unit great and independent of a time and place, but the synthesis of the two.

EducationsHistory, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date17 Jun 2013
SupervisorsMichael Kjeldsen


  • Helte
  • Store skikkelser
  • Jens Chr. Manniche
  • Sven Møller Kristensen
  • Historiografi
  • Historiesyn
  • Cajus Julius Cæsar
  • Jørgen Knudsen
  • Rom
  • Tilskueren
  • Gaius Julius Cæsar
  • Nietzsche
  • Historie
  • Biografi
  • Åndshistorie
  • Individualisme
  • Georg Brandes