Fusion & changes

Junaid Hasiib & Tarek Fagervold Amer

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of this Master's thesis is to investigate how the merger and the changes
affect the professional education at Campus Carlsberg, which is a merger of the
smaller education seminars in the Copenhagen area. The project will primarily focus
on the pedagogue education, as well as the experience and experiences of the
students and teachers associated with the specific education.
This will be done from a critically realistic point of view, where the underlying
mechanisms that take place in the social phenomena will be looked at. Critical
realism focuses on the interaction between actors and structures, where the
structures are a product of human activities.
Below, the study and focus in this thesis will be how mechanisms and structural
conditions changes in student life and everyday life can have an impact on students
and teachers. By using the theory, experience and everyday consciousness, one can
gain an insight into some of the dynamics that the students and teachers participate
in daily at Campus Carlsberg.
At the same time, involving the theory fusion, which can provide insight into people's
opportunities and limitations when a fusion process is initiated. Which in some cases
does not necessarily provide all the actors with their own living conditions during a
merger process.
Based on the above, this thesis will examine the underlying mechanisms that may
underlie these phenomena. This means that through the thesis, we want to gain an
understanding of the actors based on the unobservable mechanisms and

EducationsEducational Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date2 Jan 2019
SupervisorsSøs Anne-Lise Bayer