Kamilla Ane Petersen, Mie Juliane Moustgaard Jensen, Elise Will, Zara Wali & Sarah Dahl Staalhøj

Student thesis: Termpaper


The project ”FUCK YOUR MOTHER” is a study concerning political art in the postmodern period. This study explores the narrative strategies the artist Ai Weiwei uses to express his political views. To emphasize it, the research will be based on a case study of his music video "Dumbass". Furthermore the report contains a study of which consequences might be associated with this choice of narrative expression, especially regarding his political expression. Through use of relevant theory concerning music video, we have tried to define his audiovisual work and get an image of his use of methods within the music video genre. To support our examination of Ai Weiweis self-presentation in the video, we have also defined his piece as a media performance according to the theorist Camilla Jalving. To reach the best knowledge concerned “Dumbass” we constructed our own model of analysis by putting together perspectives from performance, music video and media theory. Through this analysis we reached an interesting insight that points out two different levels of narration that Ai Weiwei is working on. The complexity of "Dumbass" is shown by his work on two levels, the self-reflective and system critical. These two levels of narration is used by Ai Weiwei in an ensemble to disseminate his message concerning the criticism of Chinese society.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date16 Jan 2014


  • Politisk kunst
  • Ai Weiwei