Stories about DR: A discourse analysis of the case of 'The History of Denmark' in relation to the political discourse regarding Public Service.

Mike Pedersen & Kim Røder Røder-Rasmussen

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This paper examines the discursive battle between political actors, on the issue of the function of DR’s role in society, by examining the case ‘The History of Denmark’. The paper uses the theoretical concepts of discourse by Maarten A, Hajer in order to uncover patterns of discourse found in a collection of newspaper articles along with an autobiography. The analysis of the paper unfolds two discourses, one left winged, and one right winged discourse. It is concluded in the paper that the criticism and defence of ‘ The History of Denmark’ is an example of a great and long-ongoing discursive struggle between the political actors.

EducationsPolitics and Administration, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date24 May 2018
Number of pages57
SupervisorsBirgitte Poulsen