Forebyggelse af ungdomskriminalitet: Prevention of juvenile delinquency

Catrine Johansen, Christine Stamer, Christine Holmgreen Mejling & Tobias Hinkbøll Andersen

Student thesis: Termpaper


Juvenile delinquency plays a big role in our society. It causes an inequality and an uncertainty in the present society. This is why our project addresses juvenile delinquency. Using relevant theories on the topic, we aim to investigate the genesis of juvenile delinquency, and the prevention of it. In our analysis, we will use the theories of three sociologists, Roberts K. Merton, Michel Maffesoli and Pierre Bourdieu, to explain how juvenile delinquency occurs. The project is developed through case studies in Brøndby and Albertslund municipality. We picked these two municipalities because it will present us with a more nuanced insight in the prevention of juvenile delinquency. To get a broader perspective of the exact preventive actions’ impact, we find that it is necessary to use both qualitative and quantitative methodology. Through the use of interviews and tables, this project investigates municipal local policies actions and whether these are effective or not. Through our analysis we will find that there are many different explanations to the genesis of the phenomenon: juvenile delinquency. Robert K. Merton believes that there occurs a pressure of expectations in society, caused by the expectations of success in life. Michel Maffesoli finds that juvenile delinquency can occur due to the consequences of modern social communities. Pierre Bourdieu believes that juvenile delinquency is caused through a bad habitus formation and a negative development of an individuals capital forms. Furthermore we find, through our analysis and discussion, that some preventive actions does not work. For an example: intimidation. But it is not easy to conclude which actions work and which actions do not work. Our result shows that juvenile delinquency is a problem despite a national decline in the number of reported juvenile crimes. Reasons for juvenile delinquency can be explained in many ways; also there is a broad opinion in the municipalities on how to prevent this in the best possible way.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date21 Dec 2015
SupervisorsJon Kvist


  • Ungdomskriminalitet
  • Kriminalitet