Forældreskabets Udvikling I Danmark 1950-2009

Christian Sejer Rasmussen

Student thesis: Termpaper


Undersøgelse af historiske forandringer indenfor: Samfund, familie og lovgivning på familie området. This project examines the parenthood developments in Denmark 1950-2009. Throughout the 20th century the Danish society has gone through conclusive changes that influenced the family and parenthood. Denmark experienced a financial boom by the end of the 1950's caused by the 2. Industrialization and in light of that event, new jobs was created. With the new jobs emerging the Danish women now had the opportunity of being a paid employee, and as years went by almost on same conditions as men. But as women started to leave their domestic duties, the Danish society changed. Traditionally it has been the women who took care of the home, the children, and the old ones who no longer were able to take care of themselves. But the social revolution with the women in paid employment required that the society compensated for those traditional duties. The welfare- and social state was therefore, among other reasons, developed. The equality development between gender, and changed ways of establishing a family, has had an impact on the parenthood and the way we understand the term parents today. Men has started to show more interest in their children, because of a growing divorce rate among other reasons, men’s rights concerning their children has gone through some changes towards more equality compared with women’s rights. In 2007 a new law was passed by the Danish government, which may seem like a law focusing on equalization between parents, but the actual purpose was to ensure children’s rights relating to their parents. The law demands that parents take responsibility for the welfare of their children. The new law is the starting point of this project after which an examination of the changes in the Danish society and older laws concerning this area are examined.

EducationsHistory, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date12 Jan 2010
SupervisorsHenrik Jensen


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