Folkeskole, forandringer og første-persons perspektiv

Kristina Lopez, [No Value] Sidsel, [No Value] Mia, [No Value] Stinna, [No Value] Louise, Søs Most, [No Value] Søndergaard, [No Value] Hansen, [No Value] Jensen & [No Value] Harsbo

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project aims to investigate in which way political measures may have an influence on the subject by concentrating on teachers within the danish primary school in the light of the implementation of the new primary school reform and working hour legislation. We have conducted two different qualitative interviews with two teachers from two different schools located in Zealand. From a critical psychological perspective we examine how the two subjects have experienced and navigated in relation to the implementations. With the use of Ole Dreier, Ernst Schraube, Klaus Holzkamp, Vibeke Jartoft, Helene Ratner amongst others including an understanding of the political measures the empirical data has be analysed and discussed. We can conclude that there is a correlation between the implementation of the new reforms and the subjects experiences of changed work conditions that involves new problematics. Based on the public accessibility to the schools average grades in 9th grade we have noticed an increased competitive awareness has arisen between district schools who now all are faced with the fact that a neglections of the reforms new standards on subject knowledge amongst the pupils may affect the schools' survivability. Furthermore the public accessibility to the schools average grades in 9th grade has caused an increased competitive awareness between the district schools and the private schools, and has resulted in feelings of insuffiency and worry amongst the teachers. One teacher expresses that he experiences an increased surveillance in the daily practices creating an insecurity in relation to his employment. Nevertheless in relation to the changes we are able to throw light on a range of issues in the teachers' daily practice and hence contribute to the implementation of the new primary school reform debate.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date18 May 2015
SupervisorsTilde Mardahl-Hansen


  • Forandringer
  • folkeskole