Feasibility of producing Bio-fuel Nordic in sugar factory Nykøbing, from their biological residues, environmental and economic impacts on the factory and Guldborgsund municipality energy system

Marjan Boor Boor

Student thesis: Master thesis


Current energy system in Nordic Sugar factory Nykøbing , which was designed and built few decades ago like many other heavy industry is based on fossil fuel.Nowadays these heavy they have to revise their energy policy, in order to survive in the market in Europe. With the pressure from European environmental regulation, economical urge in term of CO2 payment and high and fluctuating fossil fuel prices. In this paper it been investigated how current supply fuel oil and coke can be substitute by bio-oil production from biological residues in Nordic Sugar factory Nykøbing. Based on the calculation in this study it is feasible for factory to produce bio-oil and the extra production and surpluses heat can be sufficient for heat demand of close surrounding cities. Even though for supplying part of the heat demand which is not during factory activity (sugar campaign) storage is needed. Backcasting theory was applied in the project since investigate problem fulfill the condition for applying this theory. The goal was defined at 2027 where all the company has to pay for their emission. The result was if company is willing to reach a level of sustainability and avoid the payment they have to act now and begin planning stage. However energy transition process has to be carried step by step and in the most cost efficient way. In this way they will keep up with 2050 goal, in Denmark and other short term goal on reducing fossil fuel consumption and emission in regional and municipal level. Since Nordic Sugar factory Nykøbing is one of the largest industry in Denmark, its energy transition will improve the environmental performance of the municipality in term of reduction of fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emission in a great extent.

EducationsTekSam - Technological and Socio-Economic Planning, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date13 Jun 2013
SupervisorsTyge Kjær


  • renewable energy
  • co2 reduction
  • pyrolysis
  • energy planning
  • Bio oil
  • sugar beet