Fastsættelse af den samfundsøkonomiske værdi af vindkraft

Lena Scotte & Louisa Moestrup

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project addresses public benefits of government investment in wind power. The wind power industry has been subsided by the state in Denmark since 1980, and of course it's interesting to identify the benefits of these public investments. Especially now that the government has launched an energy deal that has the dual purpose of creating jobs as well as a green transition. Although there is some political consensus across ideological lines about the need to regulate and support the wind power industry, there is still a disagreement among economists about whether this is profitable. There are different theoretical views on which factors to include in calculating the value of this public investments. The controversy comes from the economists different methods and assumptions. Yet the discussion of these assumptions are rare and the exaltation of the discussion to recognition of ontological differences are even rarer. This Project wishes to clarify the value of the public subsidies, as well as the disagreements among different economic schools.

EducationsAdministration, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date16 Jan 2012
SupervisorsJesper Jespersen


  • Makroøkonomi
  • Metodologi
  • Vindkraft