Et sundhedsfremmende perspektiv på tidligere unge hjemløses krænkelseserfaringer: Det er jo sindssygt. Jeg tænker jo, jeg ved godt jeg ikke er førsteprioritet

Anders Hindborg Bruhns, Sara Zolfagharian Khodaie & Stine Bull Jessen

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


The number of homeless young people is rising in Denmark. Homelessness is often a consequence of individual vulnerabilities, addiction and social issues. Young people need the society's help to get out of homelessness and subsequently maintain their own homes. The Home support in Guldborgsund Municipality is an initiative that tries to help young people with these problems. The project examines the violation experiences found in previously homeless young, associated with home support in Guldborgsund Municipality. As well as the health promotion initiatives that should be launched to encourage young people's experience of recognition. The project has a broad health approach aimed at health promotion initiatives. The scientific theoretical basis is more recent critical theory, as reflected by Axel Honneth recognition theory, which also is the theoretical basis of this project. The project used the methods photovoice and document analysis, to clarify issues of the young. In conclusion, there are several points where the young people feel violated in the three spheres. There are also points where they feel recognized. In addition, appears possible health promoting initiatives. The issues are discussed in relation to the structures of society and the local area. Finally, the project put the theory of systems into perspective.

EducationsHealth Promotion and Health Strategies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date6 Jun 2016
Number of pages75
SupervisorsKasper Andreas Kristensen