Et spørgsmål om motivation?

Castillo Figueroa, Laura Virginia, Ene Ernst Hoppe & Gry Nielsen-Jexen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project addresses the topic of young people’s learning motivation. Taking as inspiration the claims by several authors in the book Unges motivaiton og læring (2013), about the perception of a dominating “motivations crisis” affecting young people today, we initiated our research by giving attention to several selected concerns of interest to understanding young people’s involvement in the current school system. Upon these we produced and applied an interview to 9th grader students, concerning their individual experience and opinions about going to school. The interview results’ analysis allowed us to focus on four central statements or topics to advance for further analysis based in this case on a theoretical framework that we developed with inspiration by Thomas Ziehe and Gert Biesta. The four statements or topics that we found relevant to link theoretically to the discussion on student’s motivation are: 1) How is it going to school? 2) Subject and content 3) teacher and teaching method 4) motivation. Our analysis revealed that is not lack of motivation but rather it is a question of school fatigue and reluctance, which is interpreted as lack of motivation. A complete understanding on the question of young people’s motivation requires use of several theoretical approaches, and it is dependent on the selection of particular theories and scientific approaches from which the researcher is considering this topic.

EducationsEducational Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date19 Jun 2014
SupervisorsUlla Ambrosius Madsen


  • Motivation
  • Gert Biesta
  • Thomas Ziehe