Et kritisk Indblik I Begrebet Addiction

Peter Dam Vanggaard & Johan Højlund Ottesen

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This project examines the concept of addiction which as of the last 45 years has been involved as a
significant topic in western cultures, through the development of ‘war on drugs’ policy’s and interventions.
The effects of these policies can be said to have been a complete failure, at controlling the access to the
drugs as well as in the use of funds.

In the context of these failures, a controversial new perception has arisen, to challenge a conventional and
governing model in the west, known as ‘The Disease Model of Addiction’. The essential perspective in this
perception, is that addiction should not be seen as an individual problem but a societal. Based on a
curiosity and an interest in this perspective, there will be an attempt to do a critical analysis as well as a
discussion of the various understandings with the purpose of uncovering a greater insight into the field of

It can be concluded that a conventional understanding (The disease model), has a one-sided focus on
biological principles, which a broader cognitive biopsychosocial perception will criticize for neglecting
subjective factors. Furthermore, a psychosocial understanding criticizes the conventional theories focus on
individual-oriented approaches and general issues of their statements, regarding motivation behind
people’s addictions. The psychosocial conception argues that addiction can be understood as individual’s
natural adaption to extended dislocations. The field of addiction can be understood as divided, where
different approaches work against each other’s scientific basis, which complicate a merging of existing
perspectives. Its argued that a bigger focus on a multidisciplinary research of this field, will open up for new

EducationsPsychology, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date19 Dec 2016
Number of pages39
SupervisorsJames Giles