Entreprenørskab i det kunstneriske uddannelsesfelt

Louise Smed Møller

Student thesis: Master thesis


Enterprising skills and focus on self-efficacy among students and teachers in the field of education has been in progress over the last couple of years. The field of Arts education is no exception. The focus is based on learning the students to believe in own skills and prepare them for going into business. This master thesis examines how the students and teachers experience the meeting with enterprising actions in the Arts education field and how the informants experience the didactics associated with the enterprising actions and how this effects their lives and being in the world. This thesis describes how the informants’ articulated experiences is connected to the present debates in education. Where focus is on enterprising actions in the field creating students suited for business practicing the idea of learning by doing. Critics of this extended focus on enterprise in the field, are concerned about depriving from making valuable arts without losing the artistic integrity. Therefore, the purpose of this master thesis is to describe how the students and teachers actually experience the enterprising actions in the field of Arts education and how they understand the concept of enterprising in the field. This, to look into a deeper understanding of how the agents in the field position them self in the meeting with enterprise and which needs they express in the meeting. This, to be aware of how didactic in association with the actions creates and influences the students and teachers experiences. This study is grounded in the theoretical concept and applications based on Pierre Bourdieus structuralist constructivism and John Deweys pragmatic educational theories. The study contents empirical studies based on a phenomenological and hermeneutic qualitative study of primary interviews with three student and one teacher in the field of Arts education. Participant observations are also included in the study. One of the participant observations take place in a teaching situation in the course: ‘FORRETNING BAG TALENTET’, which is an offer to students in the field whom is is interested in expanding their self-efficacy and enterprising skills. Other secondary stakeholders in the field are also included in the empirical study. The results of the informants experiences in the meeting with enterprising actions is divided into four main areas. One of the areas is the common fight for the survival of the field and the possibility to work for maintaining the integrity of the art and being able to think of selling without being capitalistic among the informants. The second is a need for crystal clear definitions of the utility of the arts. The last results contain needs for more practical experience with actions in the field and a need for a knowledge about the requirements associated with the focus on making the students more enterprising.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) GraduatePsychology, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date2 Jun 2015
SupervisorsLisbeth Frølunde & Nina Rus Ingvorsen


  • the field of Arts education
  • students and teachers experiences
  • qualitative study
  • Enterprising skills