An investigation of co-branding in today's fashion world.

Pernille Morell Aaen

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This report seeks to investigate the role of co-branding in today’s fashion world. In order to obtain an elaborate view into these affairs, I have included theory on branding, co-branding and brand equity. The project will conduct a case study of the co-branding between H&M x Alexander Wang and look into how it was perceived by H&M’s customer segment. This knowledge is obtained by conducting a quantitative survey, which will be analysed and interpreted by applying the reports theoretical frame. Moreover the analysis and the interpretations will be affected by the reports scientific approach, social constructivism, which believes that knowledge is socially constructed. Conclusively, this report discovered that the respondents from the survey perceived the co-branding between H&M and Alexander Wang predominantly positive. This assessment was mostly connected to the fact that high-end brands were made approachable at lower prices. Also, the co-brand was evaluated more attractive than the constituted brands separately, which indicates that the co-brand between H&M and Alexander Wang seem to have been successful and enriched both brands.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date14 Dec 2016
Number of pages45
SupervisorsKarsten Pedersen