En oversættelses kompleksitet som scenisk udtryk

Caroline Manon Aamodt

Student thesis: Termpaper


Abstract The core of this paper is to show the reader the complexity in translating from one genre into another. This paper is focused on the translating process more than finding a final result. This translation is focused on translating the Danish poet Michael Strunge’s poetry into drama on stage. To understand this distinction I will study the difference in writing a story and translating a story with theory about how a body and a text can be interpreted as textual and a lived body. According to the study of this distinction the paper will discuss how the distinction can be transformed into an interpretation that will end up as a play for an audience. The discussion of the paper is based on a workshop where the poetry within the distinction between the textual and the lived body is tested. This paper will conclude how a translator can use perspectives from the textual and the lived body in translating from one genre to another.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date19 May 2016
SupervisorsAnja Mølle Lindelof


  • Iscenesættelse MIchael Strunge Oversættelses kompleksitet