A critical discourse analysis of media coverage of FNs climate summit

John Arslan Mededovic, Andreas Bjerring, Simone Vestergård Kjeldsen & Sara-Ann Søndergaard Rasmussen

Student thesis: Basic Project


For many years, the climate changes have caught the media’s attention worldwide. The international community has urged for action from politicians and diplomats globally. At a summit, known as the Earth Summit, in May 1992 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the United Nations (UN) adopted the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and thus sat the foundation for the future Conference of the Parties (COP) Climate Conferences, which were found in 1995 in Berlin, Germany. Since 1995, there’s been held 24 conferences, the latest in December 2019 in Ma-drid, Spain. Two of the conferences concluded with the adoption and ratification of two major agree-ments: the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and the Paris Agreement in 2015. With Norman Fairclough’s Crit-ical Discourse Analysis, we analyze and examine articles from the Danish media Politiken and from an historical context, as well as the historical and political development of the COP Climate Confer-ences from 1997 and 2015. We analyze how it was received in the Danish press and furthermore: how the Danish press viewed the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. We conclude, that there is a climate political discourse in the articles which is negative in the Kyoto Protocol and positive in the Paris Agreement. The articles show a skepticism for the objectives in the Kyoto Protocol, while the articles regarding the Paris Agreement show a skepticism in relation to the accomplishment.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date16 Dec 2019
Number of pages43
SupervisorsEmil Eiby Seidenfaden