En ikke så firkantet verden - Et studie i chiptunekulturen

Christian Korf Wøldike, Nicolai Khadim Hur Nielsen, Iben Snedker Stubgaard & Morlin Simon

Student thesis: Termpaper


By taking it's departure within the chiptune-subculture, the aim of this project was to investigate whether the above mentioned could be made available to members of the popular-culture. The initial part of the project deals with our theoretical framework by making extensive use of acknowledged theoretics, such as Victor Turner, Richar Schecher and Michael Eigved. Hereafter an elaborate presentation of the methodical tools used for gathering empirical data, is presented; that being qualitative methods in the use of participant observations as well as an auto-ethnographic collection. The report further contains a brief reflection concerning our work of process in regards to practicalities which lies ahead of arranging an event. The projects analysis revolves around the question of how different discourses interact with one another, anchored in the theory of experience-ideals. A discussion hereafter deals with the pros and cons for making a subculture, such as the chiptune-subculture, available to the popular-culture followed by an elaboration on our dilemmas in regards to this problemarea. Lastly the report concludes, that due to the increasing interest in retro-culture, the reasons for exposing the chiptune-subculture to a larger degree seems present. However to do so the investigators must first gather an adequate amount of knowledge about said subculture, in order to successfully design a concept with a certain purpose as well as identity. Finally it is concluded that in order to implement both core values and elements one must take the given subculture into great consideration prior to the design process.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date14 Jun 2016


  • Chiptune
  • Populærkultur
  • Designprocess
  • Subkultur
  • Ritualisering
  • Performance
  • Identitet
  • 8Bit