Ekstra Bladets dækning af Ubådssagen

Maja Strøm Jensen, Frederikke Engberg Larsen, Franziska Weiss Lauritzen, Nanna Makaya Skjønnemand & Maja Ulrike Wolfgang

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This paper examines how the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet reports on crime, and criminal investigations. Using content analysis, we break down the reporting on the murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, and the murder trial against the well-known Danish submarine builder Peter Madsen. The case is known as the submarine-case in public, but we will for ethical purposes throughout the paper refer to it as the KP-case. The paper examines how this coverage interferes with the Danish Press Council’s ethical rules and additional ethical implications. The project investigates this trough theoretical lenses provided by S. Brurås, U. Lehrmann, J. M. Hartley, S. S. Jakobsen and S. Schaumburg-Müller. The project discusses which details and criminal truths it is ethical for the media to cover and especially which news are in the public interest. We found that Ekstra Bladet’s coverage is affected by the commercial market and sensationalizes their reports trough use of literary writing methods as well as references to fictional criminal narratives. The project concludes that Ekstra Bladet’s coverage is characterized by unnecessary details about the mistreatment of Kim Wall and private details about Peter Madsen’s sex life which interfere with the ethical perspectives of journalism.

EducationsJournalism, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date30 Jun 2007
Number of pages34
SupervisorsLeif Becker Jensen