Tobias Koch Rasmussen, Malte Wegan Frier, Agnete Esmår Willeberg, Adam Aladdin, Cassie Sorri & Jakob Fønsskov Andersen

Student thesis: Basic Project


Each year more than 15.000 people die of cancer-related reasons in Denmark alone. We believe making advances in the medical procedures used in the field should be a significant priority. This study takes a closer look at the complex treatment methods regarding the acute subtypes of leukemia(AML & ALL). During this project we cover how chemotherapy is used to eliminate maleficent leukemia cell-producing stem cells in bone marrow, we will also cover stem cells and stem cells in bone marrow, stem cell transplants, immunotherapy and how immunotherapy can programme and optimize the body’s own immune cells to recognize and destroy leukemia cells. Also an in depth look of the complexity of matching HLA(Human Leukocyte Antigen)-protein markers between patient and donor to best avoid sequelae such as GvH(Graft versus host). We give our estimates of where to increase efficiency of treatments, through looking at barriers and potentials of treatment methods. The result of this study can be used to further narrow down in which areas of the various treatments, if provided enough funding, would hold some potential breakthroughs in the battle against Leukemia. The results of our project show that an efficiency improvement of bone marrow transplant is most worthwhile.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Natural Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date19 Dec 2016
Number of pages51