Correlation between water stress, epicuticular wax, UV reflectance and N2O emission of plants.

Alta Amalia Bøgh Helander Recinella & Johann Nathan Blom Schnügger

Student thesis: Basic Project


This project deals with the issue of global warming. It is a relevant and interesting topic in the world today. The basis of the study is Bruhn et al. (2014), which presents that plants emit N2O when exposed to water stress. Hence, the project aims to investigate a possible relationship between UV induced N2O emission and the epicuticular wax of a plant, as the latter is changed through water stress. Moreover it is under the assumption that UV induced N2O emission is proportional to the UV absorption of plants. The project will determine if lyme grass (leymus arenarius) and common wheat (triticum aestivum) reflectance of UV light changes when the plants are water stressed. The research question is therefore: What, if any, is the UV reflectance response to plants undergone water stress? This is done by measuring how much light is reflected by the control plants compared to the water stressed, in order to determine how much UV light is absorbed. The data collected will be used for both an average wavelength reflectance graph between 325 - 400 nm and calculations of PRI, NDVI, and stomatal resistance, in order to assess the health, and water stress of the plants. The study found that it had not water stressed the plants sufficiently, and hence, the stomatal resistance and PRI showed a general improvement in health of all the plants, however barely any difference from control and (supposedly) water stressed were found. The UV reflectance results however, showed twice as much difference in reflectance from control to water stressed in the lyme grasses compared to wheats, which enables the study to conclude the following: There is a difference in UV reflectance for well watered and water stressed plants with prominent epicuticular wax layers. Indirectly the study can therefore conclude that there is a difference in N2O emission from water stressed plants to well watered plants.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Natural Science, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date30 May 2016
Number of pages63