Virtuous Pedophiles

Clara Vaadde Aasholm, Ida Brogaard Pedersen, Maria Therese Roslind, Natasha Opstrup Hvass, Sebastian Dahl Sørensen & Maria Salina Nedergaard Mortensen

Student thesis: Basic Project


This paper carries out a post structuralist investigation analyzing different conceptions of Virtuous pedophilia throughout history, determining different possible understandings and discourses surrounding this subject. It draws on this knowledge to help explain, through an interview, the origin of a self-proclaimed virtuous pedophiles self-understanding. The initial interest in researching pedophilia sprung from the fact that we all became aware of the term ‘virtuous pedophiles’ through the documentary Hjælp mig, jeg er pædofil!. The introduction to this term therefore sparked an interest in proceeding to investigate it since none of our group members had ever heard about the term before. The different conceptions of pedophilia throughout history are found through a genealogically inspired analysis derived from Michel Foucault's, The Will to Knowledge. To investigate the sense of self of a virtuous pedophile this paper conducts an interview with a self-proclaimed virtuous pedophile. In order to analyse the sense of self expressed in the interview, the analysis draws inspiration from Mitchell Dean using elements from his interpretation of a Governmentality analysis. As a result of our post structuralist approach our investigation can’t conclude on one option of sense of self for virtuous pedophiles being more correct. In conclusion: the goal of our research has been to shine a light on the fact that there are different ways to understand virtuous pedophiles. These understandings are showcased through our findings in the genealogically inspired analysis. Furthermore, the paper specifies one interpretation of a virtuous pedophile’s sense of self through the conducted interview, although it clarifies that this is just one of many understandings in which to interpret oneself as a pedophile.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date18 Dec 2018
Number of pages85
SupervisorsTine Elisabeth Barrett