The dream of an ecovillage

Sarah Lyth Astrup, Eik Buhl Petterson, Robin Lillelund Jauer & Lukas Dustin Torp

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


Sustainability, environmental problems and rising cost of living in the cities, have gained increasing amount of attention. Ecovillages, small user-driven villages which focus on sustainability, solidarity and democracy, have also gained increasingly attention, and there is more ecovillages in Denmark than ever before. Existing ecovillages experience more people, who wants to live in their community, or to obtain knowledge with the purpose of creating their own ecovillage. The focus of this paper is to examine and understand, what these individuals want from a life in an ecovillage, as well as what, in their experience, they can not get from living in the cities. The paper tries to achieve this knowledge, by researching these individuals dreams regarding a life in an ecovillage. It does so, by doing semi-structured interviews with (four) members of two different danish ecovillages, Dyssekilde and Grobund. During the analysis of our interviews, we look for themes regarding the interviewees dreams about what they expect from living in the ecovillage. Through this approach we have constructed corestories containing central themes about housing, economic freedom, community, entrepreneurship and a sustainable life in general. We discuss these stories and dreams, and how likely it is they will accomplish these dreams in an ecovillage, versus an already established city. In this way we investigate the possibilities to change the city, by establishing and moving to ecovillages.

EducationsPlanning Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date26 May 2019
Number of pages75
SupervisorsMajken Toftager Larsen