Dokumentarfilm - en kreativ bearbejdning af virkeligheden

Cecilia Nielsen Hegnsvad, Laura Weirsøe Holm, Christina John, Loise Hjerting Nielsen, Thea Rudnicki-Ulholm, Silas Varmer & Mie Vestergaard

Student thesis: Termpaper


This report deals with the documentary genre through an analysis of the directors' artistic means in two documentary films: Bowling for columbine by Michael moore and Fugl Fønix by Jon Bang Carlsen. In addition to this we focus on a semiotic area, the history of the genre and the theories of Bill Nichols and Carl Plantinga. having finished the analysis we discuess whether or not a definition of the genre is possible and what the outlines of such a definition might be.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date1 Jan 2004
SupervisorsSøren Dupont


  • dokumentarfilm
  • Semiotik
  • Michael Moore
  • Bill Nichols
  • Jon Bang Carlsen
  • Carl Plantinga