Discourses in Danish Politic

Amalie Øhrgaard, Josefine Linding Stisen, Olivia Lutz Svarrer & Mette Grube Condrup

Student thesis: Basic Project


The purpose of this project is to define how four Danish political parties are constructing
discourses in their policy agenda. The project will furthermore look into, which social model,
such as the welfare state or the workfare state is most relevant for the parties. Two discourses
is identified as socialism and liberalism, within the four political parties, Liberal Alliance,
Venstre, Socialdemokratiet and Enhedslisten. The parties attaches different meanings to
socialism and liberalism, and each believe their perception to be the objective truth. The
parties implicate values from both social models in their policy agenda. The project will
contain a discussion of how the parties have moved from their original ideological standpoint.
All the political parties contain values from both the workfare state and the welfare state. All
in all we can conclude, that the parties, Venstre and Socialdemokratiet are ideologically
moving closer to each other and towards the political center. On the other hand Enhedslisten
and Liberal Alliance are moving further away from the political center. From a social
constructivist point of view the project illustrate that there is not one truth, that defines the
danish society. The truth is perspective and depends on the parties point of view.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date19 Dec 2017
Number of pages60
SupervisorsPeter Mølgaard Nielsen