Developing JavaFX-based POS-system

Casper Bertel Rye Hintze, Daniel Lykke Bjørkholm, Mads Christiansen & Martin Marinus Agergaard Laursen

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


In this project, we have been looking into the problem with advanced and expensive Point of Sale systems, that complicates the daily sales in smaller shops and businesses. We have been trying to develop a simpler and more versatile application for point of sale, with a Feature-driven and agile development methodology.

Our focus have been to develop a larger and more complex JavaFX application, with an implemented persistence layer, that allows the shops products, orders and other data to be stored in the cloud. Therefore the system uses an Object Relational Model to access a MySQL database. In conclusion, we completed a user test of the system with Single Ease Questioning and System Usability Scale, which gave us some feedback on the usability of the system. Furthermore, we have also been experimenting with running the JavaFX application on Raspberry PI with a touchscreen.

This project is the first larger scale system, which this project team have tried to develop. This report therefore contains a bunch of discoveries, both technological from using e.g. Hibernate and methodological, from using the tools of a agile and feature-driven development approach.

EducationsComputer Science, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Basic
Publication date2016
Number of pages77