Det sociiale studiemiljø på RUC

Frederikke Stage, Mia Malene Flarup Hartmann, Frederikke Laura Gaard, Mathilde Egede Christensen & Maja Langdal Königsson

Student thesis: Basic Project


This study presents a number of investigations concerning the social environment of the university of Roskilde. It begins with an analysis based on interviews and a report, to investigate the problem. Étienne Wenger’s theory of the human being in ‘communities of practice’ and Erwing Goffman’s investigations of the human's behaviour and possibility to be in ‘middle region’, is used to gain a better understanding of the social problem at the university.
The second part of the study includes an analysis of our design. The analysis is based on interviews and uses Schön’s theory of participatory design and reflections in action. The implementation of the design solution is analysed using Sepstrup’s five information criteria to further understand the consequences and possibilities in the communications process of the device that the development of the technology has led to.
In the third part of the study the technology's impact and influence on the individual's behaviour in the social life, including the consequences and the possibilities, is being discussed. Furthermore the potential features and functions of our design solution, a social information calendar app, will be touched and discussed.
Finally, it concludes that the development of the technology has led to new and different ways to communicate and socialize in the modern society. This comes with both adventages and disadvantages but we have to concentrate on the tecknology’s possibilities.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Humanistisk-Technology, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date21 Dec 2016
Number of pages55
SupervisorsIda Meisling