Det meningsfulde arbejde - en organisations narrativer fortalt af medarbejderne

Marie-Louise Uldall Petersen, Anne Mette Christensen, Laura Christiane Brandt Køppen, Sarah Barskov & Helene Frisk

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This study revolves around the culture and communicative practices within the global healthcare organisation Novo Nordisk. More specifically the study seeks to examine which elements influence the employees’ appreciation of ‘the meaningful work life’ at their workplace. Furthermore, we will examine the interpersonal communication within the organisation through a group of employees’ personal narratives concerning the internal relations and how these affect and are affected by communication. In order to compile and process the necessary narratives the study is based upon Jaber F. Gubrium & James A. Holstein’s Active Interviewing, Barbara Czarniawska’s narrative approach along with Bente Halkier’s processing methods. These narratives will be analyzed through Søren R. Nymark’s theoretical perspectives on narratives as well as Rom Harré & Luk Van Langenhove’s positioning theory and Birgit Jordansen & Mai-Britt Herløv Petersen’s perspectives on leadership and the self governing team. These theoretical views will be beneficial in order to obtain insight in the ways the relations between co-workers and the relations between an employee and his or her superior unfolds. Our examination concludes that the employees, throughout their narratives, construct the perception that ‘the meaningful work life’ is constituted by a well functioning team culture as well as well functioning collegial relations. We found that professional discussions, friendly relations and respect for diversity are crucial elements to the employees at Novo Nordisk. The study concludes that the communication and the relations between the members of the organisation are mutually constituting.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date2016
Number of pages53
SupervisorsClaus Munch